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At Paulina Oldenbrook Interior Design, we maximize style without sacrificing comfort, creating a feeling of Practical Luxury – real interiors for real life. Paramount to our point of view on design is a thoughtful floor plan that is built from the finishes inwards. From a finely tuned floor plan, we develop custom cabinetry and furnishings to maximize each projects’ potential. We believe that balance and beauty are critical while respecting the client's style and budget. Our homes feature quality materials, timeless elements, and exquisitely rendered details that transition from room to room.


principal designer & owner

As Principal Designer and Owner of her eponymous firm, Paulina Oldenbrook infuses every home she designs with Practical Luxury. Paulina Oldenbrook Interior Design's gracious rooms are places where people, cook, entertain and raise families.

A devotee of the symmetrical design and classic proportions of Georgian architecture, Paulina's floor plans logically transition throughout her homes. She has a deep history in managing her designs through the construction phase, which gives her the unique perspective of watching a house built from the ground up. Dedicated to the details, she collaborates with the finest craftsman and artisans.  As with her clients, she cherishes these relationships.

Over the last 20 years, Paulina has developed a loyal clientele. As a designer, she spends a substantial amount of time with each client during the design process and after completion. She listens to their desires and addresses their reservations. The result is a very personal articulation of the homeowner's dreams that is harmonious with their lifestyle and the house's architecture. Her interiors are as warm and inviting as she is and exude her trademark Practical Luxury.